Bookshelves -- Spring 2000


"Spring 2000" is a bit misleading here -- this project took over a year to complete. The shelves were designed by Gregg and Camille Sales. Gregg and I planned to make two sets. The Sales would keep one, and we'd sell the other -- I'd pocket half of the profit, and Gregg would have paid for his shelves.

By the time they were in progress for over a year (possibly two), both the Sales and the Wilsons had gone from 2-person families to 3-person families. The Wilson garage had been graced by their presence for a lonnnnnng time. Julie decided the second shelves were NOT to be sold.

The light-colored wood is sycamore, while the dark wood is African Padauk (pretty cool stuff, although I kind of wonder if the choice of wood was grossly irresponsible from an environmental standpoint). The finish is a water-based polyurethane -- no stain used anywhere.

This project was completed with some fairly crude equipment. We had a heck of a time cutting the tapered legs using a template we built for a 1950s-era ShopSmith (which served as our table saw, bandsaw, and boring tool for the project).

Note the picture frame on the top shelf. This was one of nine or so picture frames that I made with the leftover wood (I still have some of the African Padauk in my garage, awaiting the opportunity to accent future projects).



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