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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

And Aunt Kim Provides the Perfect Follow-Up

The title of this post references the prior post.

I had dinner with Kim and my parents tonight. And, although I didn't catch the full details (something about a charity auction...and a friend of hers from Pittsburgh...and Wammo), but I walked away with an Asylum Street Spankers T-shirt for Alana! They've been around for years -- Austin-based, and one of those bands that is reknowned for wildly entertaining live shows. As a matter of fact, a former co-worker was a fanatical follower of the band for a number of years (I knew her before she became my co-worker, and the job she took sent her on the road quite a bit, so I believe she had to taper off her attendance at live shows).
Bare tush --> spankers. Come. ON! That's a chuckler!



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