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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

YouTube as a Recruitment Tool

[see next post -- the video posted here got removed!]

Here's a 4-minute recruiting video for my company, Bulldog Solutions. Yes...I'm surrounded by smartasses. I fit right in. ;-)

This was a good excuse to get my Google/Blogger account linked up to YouTube to try to embed some video in a blog posting. It wasn't quite as smooth as I would've hoped -- when I put intro text above the video, I somehow lost the video, and, despite my efforts to edit the source HTML, I couldn't get it working. So, I posted again and didn't try to move the text around. But, I did go in to the posting and add some links. Again...that made me lose the video. So, this is a text-only post, devoid of all of the links that would've been useful! [update: links now added...because I don't have the video posted in this entry]

The video itself, and how I got to it, is an interesting illustration of the Web 2.0 world. Obviously, as you will see in the first 15 seconds of the video, I was aware that the video was being produced. But, I was in training during our company meeting last Friday, so I missed the official rollout. And, being in training again Monday and Tuesday of this week, I just managed to miss the internal buzz about it.

But...never fear! I have a Google Alert set up for Bulldog Solutions -- it's a great way to keep tabs on new content that gets posted anywhere on the searchable 'net related to the company. At 2:02 AM this morning, I received a Google Alert e-mail with a link to our HR Manager's blog posting regarding the video. I clicked through and viewed it.



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