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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Subscribing to This Blog

I've had a couple of circular discussions with Julie about this, so I figured I'd add a brief entry to note two things for anyone who would like these periodic postings (I've been on a once/day roll here of late, but I'm sure that will taper off) to land in their inbox. I've had two takers so far.

The two notes:
  1. There's a much lengthier explanation of the various options in an earlier post
  2. There are options now in the righthand sidebar under the "Subscribe" heading

Truth be told, after I wrote that earlier post...I actually ran into some snags getting the "SUBSCRIBE" e-mail to work as planned. The issue, it turned out, was the spam filtering in the ISP that hosts (CrystalTech -- I can't say enough great things about the company; I've been with them for 5 or 6 years now) was stopping the e-mails that came from Google's blogger application, which I use to create and maintain these posts. Between poking around in the Blogger user forums and the CrystalTech user forums, I was able to ferret out the specific settings I needed to tweak in my spam filters to override that blocking. On the one hand, it was a success, in that the Internet enabled me to troubleshoot a fairly obscure problem by tapping into the collective wisdom of the online community. On the other took enough digging and experimentation to make me realize that the Internet isn't as smoothly integratable as it will some day be.



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